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Photo Slate

Unleash the true beauty of your photography with Photo Slate. Designed to make your images stand out, this remarkable product features a glossy photo display and comes complete with a 2-piece standing base for effortless and stylish presentation. From cherished family photos to breathtaking landscapes, Photo Slate ensures that your memories are showcased with unrivaled brilliance and durability.


Photo Slate

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Prepare to witness the unparalleled brilliance of our glossy photo display, meticulously designed to bring every detail to life. With each Photo Slate, you’ll receive a 2-piece standing base that effortlessly transforms any space into a gallery-worthy exhibit.

Capture the essence of your cherished moments, from heartwarming family photos to awe-inspiring landscapes, and watch as they come alive on our durable and long-lasting slates. We take pride in crafting each Photo Slate with precision and care, ensuring your artwork remains captivating for years. We aim to provide you with a perfect blend of elegance and durability.

At Shooprints, we understand the importance of showcasing your talent and leaving a lasting impression. Our sleek design and superior quality make us the ideal choice for photographers like you. It’s time to discover the transformative power of Photo Slate and witness your images turning into captivating masterpieces. Let your artistry shine like never before as you elevate your photography to new heights.

Experience the magic of a Photo Slate today and let your talent take center stage.


Glossy Photo Display
2 Piece, Plastic Feet


a. – 100, b. – 250, c. – 500, d. – 1000, e. – 5000, f . – 10,000


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